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Financial Services

Financial services offer a variety of tools to support individuals and businesses in their management process. These tools can range from basic budgeting advice through to more complicated investments and portfolio management. Financial advisors are also available to help people make decisions about their finances, as well as to provide advice about tax, planning, and other financial matters. With the help of financial services, individuals and businesses alike can better understand their finances and create plans for the future. These services can include Banking, Investments, Insurance, Bookkeeping, Accounting, Feasibility Studies, Auditing Advisory and corporate tax.

Auditing Advisory

A company's CIT return is required to be accompanied by audited financial statements if any of the following cases apply:

  • The capital exceeds QAR 200,000.
  • Total income exceeds QAR 500,000.

Auditing services are an important part of any business. They provide a way to verify the accuracy and integrity of financial statements and other records. Auditors can also help identify areas of improvement and provide guidance on how to make changes to ensure compliance with laws and regulations. Auditing services can be used by businesses of all sizes, from small start-ups to large corporations. The goal is always the same: to ensure accuracy, reliability, and transparency in financial reporting.

Qatar’s Tax System

Qatar has one of the most economical tax systems in the world. It is characterized by low taxes, which are designed to promote businesses and attract foreign investments. There is no income tax on personal income, no heritance tax, no property tax and not even a value added tax. This system applies to both residents and foreign companies operating in Qatar. Companies that are registered in Qatar pay a flat rate of 10% annually of a company’s total income, while Qatar also offers exemptions on total income for Qatari and GCC nationals who are considered 'resident' in the state. However, there is a chance that this will be implemented in the near future.

Corporate Banking

The banking sector plays an enormously important role in the business world. Banks have become essential in providing services such as lending to businesses and individuals, providing capital to businesses, and exchanging currencies. In Qatar, the banking sector has become an integral part of the economy. Qatar has a strong and robust banking system with 20 commercial banks, including 12 national and 8 international banks. All the banks are supervised by Qatar Central Bank and have a total of 223 local branches. These banks offer vital services to businesses in Qatar, such as loans and other financial services to companies engaged in major Qatari projects.

Required Documents for Corporate Account:

  • Company CR
  • Trade License
  • Computer Card
  • Article
  • Partner ID’s
  • Expat Passport Copy
  • Tax Card

Book-Keeping System

Accounting is an important part of any business. It is the process of recording and organizing financial transactions. It helps to ensure that businesses are running smoothly and efficiently by providing reliable accounts information. It also plays a crucial role in business growth as it allows companies to track their finances and make informed decisions about investments, expenses and revenue. By having accurate records, businesses can plan for future growth and identify areas for improvement. It also provides transparency to stakeholders so that they can trust the accuracy of the company’s financial statements.

Benefits of Book-keeping:

  • Monitor Company performance
  • Helps in Taxation
  • Decision making
  • Evidence in Legal Matters
  • Help in Valuation


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a software solution that helps businesses to better manage, plan, and coordinate their resources. This includes financial resources, human resources, inventory control, customer service, and security. ERP systems provide a better view of your business processes and allow you to improve cooperation between departments. It also enables enhanced inventory control that can help you maintain the right stock levels at all times. By providing strong security features and great customer service capabilities, ERP can help you ensure that your business runs smoothly and efficiently.