Business Setup

Salon Business Setup

The beauty industry has been rapidly growing in world over the last few decades, and now caters to men and women of almost all age groups. Qatar has long been a center of business excellence in the Middle East region and people of Qatar becoming more and more fashionable and progressive. Pamper yourself with Salon - the ultimate destination for flawless beauty. People required salons which are well managed and operates by experienced professional who are passionate about transforming the look and make feel you beautiful from head to toe. Opening a Salon in Qatar is straightforward if you have the right guidance from professionals. To ensure accomplishment, it is important to understand which services are most needed and what kind of equipment and personnel are necessary. Knowing the local market and customer preferences will also be critical in deciding which services to offer so make sure you have the right products and staff to provide top-notch service.

Required Documents

Important documents to start a business in Qatar are company name, sponsor’s (id, mobile number and mail id) details, partner’s (ID, Mobile number and E-mail) details.

  • 3 to 5 suggested names for Business
  • Number of Partners
  • Passport/Q-ID of Partners
  • Contact Number
  • Registered Email